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Product Name: WOODTONIC Air Detoxifier with Remote Control and Wifi Setting
Product Code: OLS-A3B
WoodTonic® Air Detoxifier OLS-A3B
Power Supply: 13A
Voltage: 220V-240V
Max. Output: 63W
Dimension: 325mm(W) x 172mm(L) x 510mm(H)
Package: 406mm(W) x 250mm(L) x 587mm(H)
Net Weight: 5.1Kg
Gross Weight: 6.0Kg
Body Color: Milky White
Panel Color: Black
Filter Cartridge Lifespan: 6 Months

- Rapid eradication of viruses, i.e. COVID-19, H1N1, H3N2...
- Rapid removal of bacteria and molds
- Rapid deodorizes odor and toxic air

- Cartridge coated with Invention Patented "Modified Nano ZnO Particles"
- HEPA, with 0.3 micron, capable to filter off 95% bacteria
- HEPA + "Modified Nano ZnO Particles"
- Activated Carbon + "Modified Nano ZnO Particles"
- No Anion Generation
- No Nano-Silver
- No Nano-Titanium Dioxide
- No Oxygen-Rich Compounds
- No Ozone Generation
- No UV Irradiation

Functions (eliminates any VOCs & Airborne Organism immediately)
- Airborne Viruses
- Bacteria
- Organic Amine, Ammonia Gas
- Formaldehyde
- Volatile Chlorofluoro Carbons
- Volatile Organic Solvents

General Applications: Air Detoxification and Purification
- Silence Mode "Auto"
- For Area of about 14-24m²
- Clean Air Delivery Rate (CARD), 200m³/h

Functions verified by:
- CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories
- Guangdong Detection Center of Microbiology

Invention Patent Filings:
- CIPO#2,985,252
- CIPO#3,007,854
- CIPO#3,073,037