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Product Name: Nanotechnology
Product Code: Nano Water
Nanotechnology used for water improvement

As the environment has been deteriorating in modern world, the water molecules have changed from 5 ~ 6 clusters to 50 ~ 70 clusters. There are evidences that the water is aging and being degraded, leading to larger structure of the water molecules. Function of water is reduced and this will make the immune function of animals decreased, and vulnerable to pathogenic microorganisms. As a result of cell activity decreased, marine animals, i.e. fish, and lobster are susceptible to diseases, and difficult to cure.

The water has memory of the harmful electromagnetic wave and its frequency. When water has been polluted by harmful substances, though detoxified by repeated physical, chemical, biological, and other purification processes, this "pure water" would exist as macromolecule and contains water clusters of 50 ~ 70.

To restore the original state of the water, with water clusters of 5 ~ 6, nanotechnology could be deployed to exert its electronic affection to make water molecules into smaller clusters. Smaller water clusters possess richer nutrients, better penetrating power, stronger solvating power, spreading and wetting abilities.

In seawater shrimp aquaculture revealed that the nano device was capable of improving water quality, reducing the rate of water exchange, and improving shrimp survival rate and yield.
A 100% increase in survival rate of fish, while water nitrite and nitrate both decreased, with nitrite decreasing to as low as one fourth of the control group.
Increase the water pH, and the water quality was improved significantly. It has shown a broad prospect in aquiculture.
Without changing the water for 6 months, the contents of NH3-N, NO2-N, NO3-N, and CD in the test groups were 0.58, 0.13, 0.89, and 8.95, respectively, all of which were lower than those of the control group with conventional water changing, i.e., 1.58, 0.28, 2.33, and 19.22.
Enhance the activity and energy of water, enhance shrimp appetite, and promote growth and development.
It also has very strong antibacterial and algae and disease protection efficacy.
Dilute the pesticides with the water that was treated with nanotechnologies for spraying, all could improve the properties and control efficiency of pesticides. The insecticidal efficacy of nano biopesticide is threefold of the ordinary pesticides, and the cost of production is half of ordinary pesticides.