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Product Name: WoodTonic® Photonic Towel
WoodTonic® Photonic Towel

Latest discovery: quantum photoactivated penetration

Quantum photoactivated penetration refers to the fact that "modified-nano compounds" are excited by LED light to produce some plasma energy (i.e. electrons, positive ions and radicals), these charged plasma energy can penetrate through the "physical barrier". This "quantum behaviour" is called quantum tunnelling or quantum photoactivated penetration described in this paper.
This technology can be applied to the optimization of water quality (Canadian Patent Application No. 3,007,854), in turn possesses the following characteristics Features.

Features, quick recovery of the following symptom:

• Eczema (removes liquid between affected skin cells);
• Edema (removes accumulation of watery fluid in cells, tissues or serious cavities);
• Sprained ankle or other parts of the body (dispersing the accumulation of internal bleeding of that particular part);
• Skincare (smoother skin texture);
• Eyecare (reduces pressure of the eyes' blood capillaries).

Method of Use:

1. Place the Photonic Towel under Sunlight or LED light for at least 2 hours;
2. Put the towel on the affected part of the body;
3. Leave for 30 minutes;
4. Repeat (1-3), if necessary.

• Photonic Towel possesses self-cleaning ability (no need to wash it);
• After every use, put the towel under the Sun or artificial light (LED) to recharge its