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Product Name: Masterbatch Fuel Additive for Disel
Product Code: SV-5
How it works: Forms "Nano-Micelle" (10-100nm) in the diesel fuel. Above 220 °C, superheating causes Micro-Explosion (Secondary Atomization). Further fragmentation into finer fragments, Diesel is, then, burned more effectively.

Application: Industrial and commercial diesel (Fishing Boats/Trucks/Buses/Tractors, as well as Diesel boilers/Engines, etc.).

Dosage: 1 Masterbatch : 1000 Diesel.

Benefit: Diesel Fuel Saving 9-15%; Reducing Exhaust Emission 54-80%; Zero Carbon Residue.

R&D Cooperation Agency: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Exhaust Emission Testing); The University of Hong Kong (Fuel Efficiency Testing); Hong Kong Productivity Council (Patent Application).

Certification: USEPA, RoHS, REACH.